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Here are our FAQs about SQ Party Bus in order to provide you with a pleasurable experience.

  1. Deposit. A non-refundable deposit will be required to hold all reservations.. A deposit must be made in order to confirm all reservations. Guests may prepay by cash or check for the minimum order, or they may authorize the use of their credit card by faxing or emailing our Credit Card Authorization Form.

  2. Prepayment. Fees for service must be prepaid for the minimum order. Extended times for all rentals must be cleared with the chauffeur in advance and are subject to availability.

  3. Cancellation. Cancellation. Cancellations are subject to penalties. If a cancellation is made within 20 days of the service (even if the reservation was made on that date) the minimum order will be charged in full. If a cancellation is made prior to 20 days before the service, a minimum fee of 50{f4011c6acd36cd58401b272f4c6b2a7aa1629a249029b6e10b3ccccede550f56} of the total will be charged. (*If any booking is made with an affiliate vehicle the deposit is non refundable). Cancellation Policies are Subject to change. There is a NO CANCELLATION POLICY on Proms, Holidays, & New Year’s Eve due to a high demand.

  4. Drive Time. Charges begin from the scheduled time of pickup and continue until the minimum order has been fulfilled or until the last drop off, whichever is greater. Return drive time is charged for services to other cities.

  5. Overtime will apply after the first 30 minutes of prearranged time describe on the run sheet.

  6. Delays. Additional time due to traffic, weather, construction, etc is not the responsibility of SQ Partners LLC, and may be charged at our discretion.

  7. Damages. The client assumes full financial liability for any damage to the bus/limousine caused by client during the duration of the rental by them or any members of their party. A fee of $100.00 will be charged for each carpet burn, wall burn, or seat burn. Excessive clean-up including spills of staining fluids, ANY bodily fluids, or odors will incur additional clean-up charges for labor and materials of contaminated surfaces – minimum of $250. Any damages will be billed at the cost of repairs to the credit card on file.

  8. Cleaning. Cleaning in excess of normal light use will result in fees of a minimum of $50, ranging to $300.

  9. Smoking. All chartered vehicles must remain smoke free at all times. Any party found smoking will be charged a $250 minimum fee, and at the discretion of the driver will result in termination of service with no refund.

  10. Alcohol. It is unlawful for minors (under age 21) to possess alcoholic beverages and such behavior will result in immediate termination of service with no refund. Guests of legal drinking age are welcome to bring their own alcohol in limousines and on party bus, SQ Partners LLC reserves the right to terminate this privilege at any time during service, at which point alcohol will be kept in the trunk of the vehicle until the end of the service.

  11. Behavior. Illegal activities, rough behavior, or lewd acts are not allowed in the vehicles at anytime and will result in termination of service with no refund. Authorities will be notified if appropriate.

  12. Food. Eating is allowed in vehicles as long you clean up after yourself.

  13. Property. Lost or stolen items are not the responsibility of SQ Partners LLC.

  14. Sunroof. No passenger may stand out of the sunroof or throw any items from the sunroof at any time. Such behavior is illegal and violators will face legal fines and charges for damages.

  15. Balance is to be paid to the driver on the run date before the beginning of the run.

  16. Affiliates: SQ Partners contracts with transportation companies that meet all the state requirements and guidelines to fulfill our client’s needs. These companies provide us with discounted rates that we pass on to our customers. SQ Partners bills our customers the initial services charge and the company proving the service will charge the remaining balance 7 days before the trip.